Flight Bookings

No matter where or when you are travelling, you’ll be sure to find a flight using our unique flights booking system to the left of this page. Here’s how to easily make South African flight bookings:


Follow these easy steps in order to make an international or domestic flight booking:

• Make sure that the flights icon is selected on the booking system (it will appear in a royal blue colour when active).
• Select either a return or one way flight according to your needs.
• Fill out all the necessary information including outbound and inbound departure and destination cities. Please note that you have to specify the name of the city first and not the country name.
• Make sure all the dates and times you input are correct.
• In the light grey block towards the bottom of the booking system, select the airline you want to utilise (or leave this blank for a general search).
• Select the flight class, the number of travellers and their ages.
• Should you be interested in a multiple destination search, click the relevant link.
• Lastly, click the ‘Search for Flights’ button to proceed and view the available flight options.


Once you’ve clicked ‘Search for Flights’ you’ll be presented with a list of available flight options. The options are listed from the least expensive to the most expensive. You’ll also be able to view the flight dates as well as the airline and the total cost of the flight including tax.


Select the flight that you would like to book and click ‘Show Details’. A drop-down screen will instantly appear depicting a more detailed flight itinerary. You’ll be able to see outbound as well as inbound flights and the exact times of each. You’ll also be able to see the flight number and class. If you are not happy with the details of this particular flight, please click ‘Show Alternative Flights’ for more options to choose from.

View ‘Information’ and ‘Conditions’ tabs for extra information and terms and conditions of the booking. Then click ‘Select Flights’ to proceed. A new screen will appear summarising your flight itinerary. Below this you’ll see your fare breakdown and the total flight bookings price. Click ‘Book’ to continue.

Lastly, fill out the traveller booking form to the best of your ability. Include your home address as well as all your payment details. Then confirm your booking to make the payment.