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10 Things You Must See in Rome Right Now

Rome is a city of boundless arts and culture. It’s sometimes difficult to decide what to see especially if you are pressed for time. These are 10 things I recommend you see in Rome right now.

10 Things Berlin Taught Me

1. To See Things From a New Perspective Berlin has a way of making you see things from a different perspective – both physically and internally. This Instagram shot taken from the top of Berlin’s TV Tower evidently illustrates the undeniable beauty of the city from above.

10 Reasons to Travel While You’re Young

There are no two ways about it – travel broadens the mind and fosters growth towards a new and different place (both literally and metaphorically). And when you’re young, travel is especially fundamental as it paves the way for your beliefs, gets you through life’s challenges and helps you realize your life journey. Here are our […]

How to Be a Traveller and NOT a Tourist

Being a tourist sure has its disadvantages. Firstly, tourist sites worldwide are usually overrun with foreigners during the peak season and it’s a complete and utter nightmare to do and see things you want to amidst the crowds. This highly stressful way of travelling is certainly not my idea of fun!