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Winter Storm Euclid Hits – Effects of Draco Still Have the USA Frozen

Winter Storm Draco has impacted holiday air travel severely over the last week, with 1,600 cancelled flights on Wednesday the 26th of December alone. The storm has developed unusually, resulting in a second storm, Euclid in north-eastern regions, and tornadoes in southern regions of North America.

7 Beautiful Vistas to Visit in 2013

Planning holidays to the world’s most beautiful landscapes is the best way to start looking forward to the New Year. From Turkey to Alice Springs, the natural world is full of inspiring and refreshing beauty.  

This Week in Travel News – 19 December 2012

International Travel News The First Flight by Orville Wright The 17th of December marks the day of the first successful flight of a heavier-than-air machine. This flight was piloted by Orville Wright, the younger of the two brothers who revolutionised the development of aviation. At a speed of about 11 kilometers per hour, the flying […]

International & Local Travel News – 12 December 2012

Read the latest travel news from overseas and within South Africa: Travel News from Around the World • Religious Tourists Attracted to the UK VisitBritain observed that in 2011 most of Britain’s international tourists visited religious sites. Those who visited religious buildings spent approximately 5 billion Pounds during that period. It has become top priority […]