10 Reasons to Travel While You’re Young

There are no two ways about it – travel broadens the mind and fosters growth towards a new and different place (both literally and metaphorically). And when you’re young, travel is especially fundamental as it paves the way for your beliefs, gets you through life’s challenges and helps you realize your life journey. Here are our 10 Reasons to Travel While You’re Young:


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1. You’re Simply More Able

In youth you are more able-bodied and can do things you could never possibly do when you’re older and perhaps not as fit. Your body is physically able to withstand things like backpacking, camping and hiking. You’re at your prime while you’re young and you shouldn’t let this stage of your life simply pass by.

2. You’re Flexible

At a younger age you’re less likely to have any obligations, be married or have kids. These things can tie you down and make it significantly harder for you to travel.

3. You Gain Valuable Experiences


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Travel opens the mind and puts you in situations that may be frustrating or challenging. This is part of life and the more you travel (especially if you do it alone), the more you’ll tackle these challenges head on. New experiences allow you to grow as a person and to discover more of yourself without any interference from others. New experiences allow you to realize things about the world, about people and humanity and mainly about your own personality. Just like one’s education, no one can ever take these experiences away from you. They are yours for the taking.

4. You Learn to Survive

If you travel while you’re young the chances that you have a lot of money are very slim. This makes things much harder for you financially and you may be forced into survival mode from day to day. You may also be immersed in another culture or language and this adds to the frustration of daily life and of communicating with others. You may slip into survival mode and discover a side of yourself you never knew existed. If you’re an adventure-seeker then this side of travelling will definitely appeal to you!

5. You Create a Network Early On

The thing about travelling at an early age is that you can start to create a network of likeminded people. These are people you may lean on for help or you may even give them a helping hand when they need it most. Experiences bring people together and you may end up helping each other out down the line or even in years to come.

6. You Can Do It Cheaply

Travelling when you’re young has plenty of advantages. As a student (or youth) you usually qualify for an international student card of some sort. These cards usually have many benefits and can be used in a variety of countries around the world. You will be able to obtain discounts to museums, art galleries and other sights around the world. There are also certain companies who work together with international student card organizations to offer students discounts on certain products and even on flights. So be informed and do your research.

7. It’s More Exciting


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Sure, travel can be exciting no matter what age you are but travel is particularly exciting when you’re young and pliable. The world is unexplored to you and this contributes to a greater sense of adventure and excitement. Travelling when you’re young may mean travelling alone or with friends as opposed to a husband/wife/child. The freedom and flexibility you have creates this excitement as well as the excitement that comes from the unknown and unexpected.

8. You’ll Learn Independence

Being stuck at home can never teach you independence as much as travelling can. Travelling (especially by yourself) teaches you independence and quickly too! You now have to do everything by yourself with no one to help you.

9. You Can Find Yourself

One of the most important things that travel has taught me is to find myself. Travelling has furnished me with many ‘ah-ha’ moments that are truly priceless. I have had many experiences of utter joy and happiness when travelling abroad. I have also had realizations that have stuck with me for many years and that I could never have experienced while back at home.

10. You’ll Obtain Direction In Life



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Travel helps one obtain direction since you quickly realize what you want out of life and what you don’t want. It is easy to say you want something out of life and then when you travel it can be turned upside down! Travel has a way of exposing you to the things you really want and what you really yearn for. You’ll do all sorts of odd jobs to keep the cash rolling and as a result you’ll find out exactly what makes you tick and from what you derive the most satisfaction.

There is no better way to experience the world and your own inner workings than through travel. And while you’re young, you’re more capable of change and more flexible in general. Travelling when you’re young is a priceless experience. You need only take the first step and say, ‘I will, I can’.

Have we left out any points in our above blog post – 10 Reasons to Travel While You’re Young? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. We’re keen to hear from travellers.



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