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      We offer everything from instant flight bookings to car hire and accommodation. Best of all, you can make your booking immediately and cheaply using our one-of-a-kind online booking form which you’ll find on the left-hand side of this page.

      OUR GOAL

      SA Flights is here to help you create your own travel stories and allow them to come into existence. Travel was once seen as a luxury amongst South Africans. However, more and more parents are encouraging their children to explore the many exotic and interesting destinations, both within South Africa and abroad. Travel is no longer a luxury – it is quickly becoming a priority and even many who earn a little each month are saving towards their travel goals, with the hope of travelling somewhere new and experiencing different cultures and ways of life.

      At SA Flights, our main goal is to encourage both young and old to travel the world and explore on a variety of airlines and SAA Flights. Travel is one of those few experiences that no one can take away from you. It helps keep you young and helps open your mind to the many amazing places and people around the globe. The world has so much to offer and at SA Flights we want you to experience this first hand.


      SA Flights’ story is by no means ordinary. We came into existence through the careful association of travel suppliers both locally and internationally.

      Since the establishment of this partnership, we have been able to source the most reasonable travel prices on the net. We work directly with travel suppliers to obtain these prices and ensure you have the best deals immediately available through our flights booking system.


      Our uniqueness lies in our exceptional online booking system that allows you as a traveller to make cheap flight bookings, hotels as well as car hire bookings. All you need to do is select the option you require as per the icon indicated on the booking system on the left-hand side of this page.

      Fill out your travel requirements as thoroughly as possible and then follow the steps to obtain a list of the most reasonable travel options from cheapest to most expensive. Once you’re happy with a particular option and have selected that option, proceed with your booking and fill out your payment details to process this immediately.